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Alamitos Bay is the most beautiful and user friendly marina in Southern California. It is commonly referred to as "The best kept secret between Los Angeles and Orange County". The water is almost always flat and calm. The beaches are well supervised and there is very little boat traffic.

We are located directly across from the famous Naples Island Canals. These recreational waterways make a complete circle through the center of the island and are lined with beautiful waterfront homes.

You can kayak to restaurants at 6 different locations, or visit Starbucks, Ralphs Deli, Restaurants or the ATM. Or park your kayaks at one of the calm water beaches displayed on your Map and picnic.

We now have Stand Up Paddling instruction, lessons and trips where we try to capture a photo of you paddling with the dolphins! Visit Stand Up Rentals.

There is a cove with "moon-jellies", which are live jellyfish you can see and touch because they do not sting (seasonal). The Long Beach Aquarium collects them from here for their touch tank.